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The traditional Spanish industry has always required cleaning systems for large-scale production. The hight amount of machining, printing, tooling, crank handle and valve production companies that exist in Spain has made cleaning lines with solvents more common.


Our company has designed and built a great number of this type of machinery. Monocompartments, Bi-compartments, Tri-compartments, Drying Equipment and Distillers always built using experience and the levels of qualitywe are famous for.
   The limitation of the use of chlorinated solvents by the European Union  in the 1990s meant we concentrated all our efforts in the search for effective substitutes that do not harm the end user. Bromides offer an excellent price-quality relationship.

The subsequent qualification of chlorinated solvents such as R-45 and R-40, as well as their prohibition in open machines gave rise to the use of these bromides, with our installations also complying with the V.O.C. law standards relating to the emissions of solvents and parts per million admitted in the workplace.
     For the elimination of oils, polishing creams and greases, Derco cleaning equipment with bromided solvents offer a level of cleaning and drying quality of metallic parts that would satisfy and production needs.
    Due to the regeneration capacity of solvents via their self-distillation in the machine used, the customer has a cleaning equipment available to them with minimum maintenance costs.

Once again, the limitations of the European Union for the use of solvents have made us have to look another alternatives. The new classification of bromides in REACH (their sale and distribution are prohibited since July 2020), has made us have to substitute these bromides with another type of newly formulated solvents with surprisingly effective results.

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