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Derco Technology, S.L. is a company that specialises in the manufacture of equipment designed to work with HFEs and HFCs. Since its appeared on the market as an obvious substitute for chlorinated solvents, our team supported and assisted with the introduction of this type of products in Spain, producing our first machine in 1996.



Novec on the "El Hormiguero" program on A3
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These type of products have provided excellent results in fields as varied electronic circuits, prosthesis, optical lens, plastic and solar cell wafer cleaning as well as PCBS decontamination. Companies in the world of automation, aeronautics, military electronics and other sectors have trusted us with the design of their line of cleaning products and have committed to this cleaning model with HFEs or HFCs. Currently our equipment is a vital part of their production lines providing they can be cost effective.


New machine for military aplications with Novec to 3M.

DTL-12 is a compact machine for  customers with small productions also for specialized laboratories.


For hybrids and electronic circuits cleaning we can achieve excellent results in the elimination of their fluxes, combining cleaning with modified alcohols with HFEs or HFCs. Even when the use of ultrasound is not possible (military regulations), we achieve a high level of cleaning prowess, complying with the values standars for ionic measurements demanded by our customers. Due to their low level of toxicity, HFEs and HFCs are products that have allowed the assembly of equipment in "White Rooms" ,when the customers requires,  offering a high level of cleaning ability and always under strict controls.

Our great experience in the manufacturing of this type of machinery offers the customers guaranteed results when they acquire them. An example of this can be seen in 2011 when we built a machine with HFEs that had a capacity of 6,000 liters for PCBs (carcinogens) oils descontamination, achieving economic results as well as improving the environment that with another product  would not be possible.

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