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Derco Technology, S.L. is a specialized in the manufacture of equipment designed to work with HFEs and HFCs company. Since its appearance on the market as a clear substitute for chlorinated solvents, our support team and helped the introduction in Spain of such products, making the first machine in 1996.



Novec in the program A3 "El Hormiguero"

Such products have shown excellent results in fields as disparate as cleaning electronic circuits, prostheses, optical lenses, plastics, wafer cleaning solar panels as well as for decontamination of PCBS. Companies in the world of automotive, aerospace, military electronics and other sectors, we entrusted the design of clean lines of its products and gambled on this model HFEs cleaning or HFCs. Today our teams are an indispensable part of their production lines, demonstrating the profitability of the same.

In cleaning of hybrid electronic circuits and achieve excellent results in the elimination of their fluxes, combining cleaning HFEs modified with alcohols or HFCs. Even when it is not possible to use ultrasound (military standards), we got a high degree of cleanliness, comfortably meeting the values of ionic measurements required by our customers. Because of its low toxicity, HFEs and HFCs are products that have enabled us to mount equipment within "Cleanroom" when the client needs, offering high quality cleaning and always under strict controls.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing such machines, offers customers the guarantee of a good result by acquiring installation. One example is that the year 2011 we built a team with HFEs with a capacity of 6000 liters for the decontamination of PCBs (carcinogenic) oils, achieving economic efficiency and environmental improvement with another product that would not be possible.

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