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The most effective cleaning for certain parts has always been to degreased using water and alkaline products.
Derco Technology has always aimed to provide the customer with equipment that best adapts to their needs.

We can provide small  2 and 3-litre capacity equipment for optical lens or parts cleaning that have a low level of dirt.
  Our 15 and 30 litre desktop equipment covers the cleaning needs for the mayority of dirt found in workshops.

As in the other proyect ranges, Derco has specialised in the design and construction of equipment according to the customers size and power requirements.

Therefore, we can incorporate filtrations, oil separators, residue sweeps as shaking or splashing options, acording to the parts degreasing needs.
  These elements ensure a greater level of clenaning which will also last longer, bringing the overall cleaning cost down. Thanks to all of this, we are able to build high capacity equipment that makes economic sense for the customer.

Derco Technology, S.L. manufactures automatic lines with alkaline detergents for customers who have different types of dirt. Detergents combine with others to scale fats and scorched with their respective rinses and dried. We thus obtain a single computer can solve all cleaning problems that will generate customer.

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